Testosterone Booster

Our Dietary Supplement:
Testosterone Booster – Body Building

Testosterone Booster is a copy 1 to 1 ingredients formula of Dr Sebi cellfood (drsebicellfood.com) Testo, with each equal part of the ingredient. Dr Sebi’s Testo is the world’s only natural testosterone booster and male enhancer. Dr. Sebi’s exclusive formulation combines the right herbs to create a powerful synergy and to increase testosterone to healthy levels.


Sarsaparilla, Yohimbi, Locust bark, Capadulla & Irish Seamos. 1-Month supply 150 capsules made freshly to order only and will expire one year after opening. Please keep the lid airtight and away from children and natural sun light. Tincture is made with liquid extract in 40%-54% distilled sugar cane alcohol and dried herbs/menstruum ratio 1:4 (50ml, 100ml & 250ml) made November 2020 with expiry date October 2025.

50ml Testosterone Booster Tincture


100ml Testosterone Booster Tincture


1 Month Supply Testosterone Booster Capsules


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